Big Idea

Our office uses several different types of chiropractic manipulation. 

?Gonstead/Diversified is an osseous type manipulation that most patients receive here.  When the adjustment is given, there is a slight impulse of force through the joint and the patient usually experiences a slight pop which is nitrogen gas escaping from the joint capsule from the tightness in the joint.

?Activator is a mechanical device used to provide a metered force through the segment of your spine having trouble.  It is a light force that is often used with patients that have severe osteoporosis or osteoarthritis with bone spurs.  It is also used with those patients that are afraid of receiving regular chiropractic adjustments.

?Cox flexion distraction-Dr. Cotney has attended several continuing education sessions on Cox flexion distraction and utilizes this technique for special problems such as lumbar disc herniations, disc bulges, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and facet syndromes.  It is a light force technique that provides a decompression type maneuver to reduce the lumbar disc bulge and many cases have avoided disc surgery by using it.

Our office uses several modalities along with the chiropractic adjustment to relieve pain and improve function, some of them are:

?Electrical muscle stimulation is a low volt electrical current that helps reduce spasms and increase circulation through muscles that have been in spasm for a long time.

?Intersegmental traction is a machine that gently spreads and extends each spinal vertebra as you lay on a table.  There is a set of rollers that travels from the top to the bottom of your spine.  This helps improve posture and also helps spinal problems not return.

?Ultrasound-therapeutic ultrasound not to be confused with diagnostic ultrasound creates a deeper heat that provides a soothing, relaxing effect on irritated nerves, inflamed tissue, and torn or spasmed muscles.

?Electronic wobble board-this modality is excellent for the patient that is beginning to lose strength in their legs.  For the aged patient, electronic wobble board therapy helps increase proprioception and prevent falls.  In a patient that’s been down in their back for a long time, this is an excellent way of increasing of muscle tone in their core and lower extremity so that they can return to normal daily activities sooner.

?Cutting Edge Laser-this is the newest modality at Thomaston Chiropractic Clinic and we are continually amazed of its effectiveness.  Low level laser produces a wave length of light that penetrates the skin and goes into damaged tissue and allows cells to heal faster.  They have a broad application whether it is a rotator cuff strain, a sprained ankle or a hamstring pull and it also helps reduce pain in those acute low back pain patients along with neck and shoulder cases.  We’ve seen it give relief to patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and those patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy.